How Storebrand Created a Modern Actuary Framework

Norwegian Storebrand’s framework to support its actuaries involves a new software solution together with a specialized Cognizant team in Vilnius. Here, IT skills merge with business knowledge and the team now constitutes the engine that generates data, develops models, and allows Storebrand’s actuaries to focus on qualified tasks like analysis and business improvements instead. So far, this concept has proven very successful – and is now offered to other businesses as well.

Curious to learn how this can be applied in your business?
Visit or contact Carl Norrman, Cognizant Business Development – Insurance, for more information.

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New Concept Leverages Actuary Competence
What would happen if you could focus on analysis instead of code? How can a deeper understanding of human behavior differentiate your organization? We’d now like to welcome you to an event about the future of insurance, and an introduction of a new actuary framework. Join our free seminar in Stockholm and discuss directly with experts from Storebrand and Cognizant, and with financial journalist Patricia Hedelius.