How do you utilize the data you already own to achieve better results?

Cognizant hosted a very well received Snapshot Breakfast in Oslo on January 24th with key Norwegian pioneers in a unique conversation about Big Data for real.

Speakers from StorebrandAker SolutionsViva Labs and Cognizant all shared their best in class ways to keep ahead of their competitors by turning big and thick data into insights on how to best serve their clients.

Terje Løken at Storebrand showcased how they manage to collect all data into one system in an automated way using machine learning to predict what each and every end customer needs and how to best serve them.

Kyrre Wathne at Viva Labs shared their story taking Smart Homes to the next level by delivering solutions on real pain points for families. By adding more and more connected devices the home of tomorrow will evolve into a platform of services based on individual family patterns. How? By using AI as a platform doing cloud based analytics using machine learning. Always with simplicity for end user in focus.

Petter Natås at Aker Solutions shared their global and complex transformation journey on financial reporting. Going from local systems with no transparency into truly global governance with real time financial data for all management teams. Petter’s success throughout the project was to keep a strict Master Data governance and work hard on change management.

Anoop Sharma at Cognizant talked about “data being the new air”, showcasing its importance to keep the competitive edge in the market and to be able to take the agile turns needed. He stated the importance of capturing the human behavioral data and encourages us all to change the questions to get to the moment of clarity.

- Make sure to loop that insight back into the big data to achieve better results.

View the recorded presentations, panel discussion and results from the participant survey.