How digital is your organization?

How digital is your organization?

During our latest Snapshot Talks, we asked the audience what is driving digitalization in your industry. But how far has your organization come in the journey towards digitalization?

The latest issue of Cognizanti Journal introduces a model that can help you assess your level of digitalization. The model evaluates digitalization from six different perspectives:

Strategy and Innovation Agile, open to risk and failure, with continuous and iterative planning cycles, innovation is institutionalized.
Use of Insight Has a data driven culture.
Leadership and Culture Empowers employees, has different approaches to measuring success, is transparent and operates with high degrees of trust.
Products & Services Smart and connected design, have interoperability with ecosystems and platforms, focuses on marketing and monetization.
Systems & Processes Scalable and automated
Customer Touchpoints Customer is in the center, or even autonomous, across all interactions.


  1. Thinking digital: Pilot projects, led by CIO rather than CEO, systems and customer journey lack cross-channel linkages.
  2. Doing Digital: Digital initiatives core part of strategy with significant funding, digitalization a board-level item, data drives some projects, some products digitized and frequently enhanced, customer journeys integrated across multiple channels.
  3. Being Digital: Strategic planning process replaced by continous innovation process, innovation not a function but a cultural capability, all decisions evidence-based and sometimes AI-driven, products are predictively personalized, digital is not a leadership item but a way of doing business, products are smart, customers deliver value to other customers.

Read more about what being digital looks like and how you can get there in our latest issue of Cognizanti Journal >>