Half man, half machine, all centaur

Half man, half machine, all centaur

A robot is going to steal your job. AI is only a handful of years away from being smarter than you. The bot uprising is coming to enslave or kill us all. Deep learning is creating code that we can’t understand. The great digital divide is coming.


Or maybe there’s another path forward. Our love of hyperbole and fear-mongering has pushed many people to think about the emerging robotics and AI movements as a split in the history of our world. Our combative nature has pitted us against our own creation before it has even fully gestated. Yet, if we could dislodge our craniums from our posteriors for long enough to see things clearly, we might consider another way forward: the centaur.

As much as I’d love to be writing an article about mythical horse-men for work, the type of centaur I’m referring to is the hybrid human-computer system for approaching tasks. This pairing boosts the intuition and creativity of the human mind with the precision and brute-force of a machine.

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