Gamification for Insurers: A Practitioner’s Perspective

Gamification for Insurers: A Practitioner’s Perspective

Gamification has already helped insurers improve customer engagement and employee collaboration. Today, using a well-designed prioritization model and best practices, carriers can apply gamification to boost the performance of sales, marketing, and the brand.

Like most emerging technology trends, gamification was introduced with a lot of hype, and was until recently a favorite topic of research reports and a go-to buzzword for CIOs and CXOs. For some insurers, gamification initiatives generated significant business benefits. Perhaps the best known is Farmers’ partnership with the developers of Farmville, which aimed to increase customers’ awareness of the company’s products.

On the other end of the spectrum, there was the belief that gamification only applies to employee training/education, since questions about the actual business returns had yet to be answered. Over time, many insurance companies began to experiment with gamification using internal and external “players”. While some benefited, others shelved their initiatives due to poor or no returns, high maintenance costs, and the need to focus on other opportunities.

What to do then?

  • The key is to ensure that game mechanics (badges, levels, leaderboards), game dynamics (achievement, reward, status) and the objective of the gamification effort are aligned, and that the organization captures, analyzes, and applies data gained from usage patterns and user feedback.
  • To gauge the relevance, effectiveness, and returns from gamified solutions, we recommend using methods such as the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM), which takes into account the ease of use and utility of the technology or solution.
  • Having a concrete business objective and a solid game design to support that goal is by far the most critical factor in leading a successful gamification initiative.
  • Coupled with a robust ROI framework, this can build a sound business case for exploring and implementing gamification across the insurance value chain.

To learn more about the key attributes of successful gamification design, download the white paper Gamification for Insurers: A Practitioner’s Perspective.