Frode Nygaard joins Cognizant as new Salesforce commercial lead for the Nordics

Frode Nygaard joins Cognizant as new Salesforce commercial lead for the Nordics

Frode Nygaard has over 20 years’ experience working with developing people and customer relationships, sales, service, and marketing including over 12 years of management experience from Statoil Detaljhandel, Statoil Fuel and Retail, Circle K, and Capgemini.

“It is really exciting to join such a large global innovative and experienced enterprise, and at the same time agile company, in the Nordics, where customer experience and user experience are at the core. I like working in the junction between people and technology and creating business value at the same time. I have worked in customer oriented companies for many years, and when the opportunity to work at improving the clients’ business and people experience with Salesforce too came about, I jumped at the chance”, says Frode Nygaard.

Starting a new job in the midst of a pandemic and having to work from home brings with it a new set of challenges. However, it has also been a positive experience. “The pandemic has forced us to use technology and continuously improve the way it was designed to be used. It has also given us the opportunity to function better as people in all of our different roles; as an employee, manager, supplier, client, parent, friend, or partner”. 

He misses the face-to-face interactions with people and feels that this is necessary to build trust and great relationships, but thinks this will return post-Covid mixed with further use of technology. This will also help to reduce environmental impact, as we will probably travel less, which in turn makes the work/life balance better. 

Cognizant’s Salesforce offering provides customers with the resources of a large company and the ability to draw on global experience locally, as a reasonable investment with good payback. Local Management builds bridges to local businesses and the availability of employees with different skillsets enables us to deliver end-to-end experiences to our customers. “Our Salesforce offering strives to enable a better work/life balance for our clients and their customers too. This is an important differentiator for us”, Nygaard continues. 

Family and friends are important to Frode Nygaard. Together with them, he enjoys several summer and winter activities like skiing (alpine, cross country), football, golf, and cycling. He lives in Oslo.