Forrester’s 4 Questions to Ask Before Adopting Hybrid Cloud

Forrester’s 4 Questions to Ask Before Adopting Hybrid Cloud

A clear cloud strategy is key to being efficient, agile, and customer-centric, in a speedy and affordable manner. But before developing your own hybrid cloud strategy, there are a few essential things you should decide, according to Forrester.

What greater purpose does your cloud strategy serve? What specific efficiencies do you seek for your company, and why are those important? Before developing your own hybrid cloud strategy, it helps to spend some time on figuring out what you actually want to achieve. Here are some of the early fundamental decisions you need to make:

Is this a suitable moment for change at all?
Think about where the organization is right now. “Change moments” typically occur when contracts end, massive refreshes are pending, new leadership enters an organization, or staffing radically changes; when it’s more tolerable to pivot direction due to compelling cost avoidance figures, change appetite is higher, or the need is dire.

Can you handle hybrid-by-design?
Most organizations find that in practice, accidental hybrid is far easier to achieve. And as they ongoingly automate more elements, they reach the bandwidth to start cleaning up. Decide which approach is most practical for your organization.

Is the goal invisible clouds or invisible cloud management?
Some developers don’t care about which cloud they use or where that resource lives. Others care deeply about the native cloud platform services available and the impact on productivity and performance. Find out what your developers prefer.

Can you sacrifice productivity for portability?
Portability normally comes at the expense of productivity, and that may not be a price your developer teams are willing to pay. Find the inflection points to decide when portability is worth the developer tradeoffs and when it simply increases cost and complexity

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