Digitalization for Decarbonization

Digitalization for Decarbonization

Around the world, countries, businesses and individuals have taken steps to reduce carbon emissions. 28 June, Wallenius Wilhelmsen invited their partners on board the MV Traviata for an exclusive vessel tour and seminar on “Digitalization for Decarbonization”.

The maritime industry is going through digital transformation as most other industries. One major applicable area for Maritime is not only operational efficiency and gains, but for a sustainable future and reduced carbon footprint.

Manoj Matthew from Cognizant attended the panel debate at the ship together with Norwegian Minister of Digitalization Nicolay Astrup and discussed how digitalization can contribute to decarbonization. Cognizant works with digital strategy and solutions with players across the value chain, globally. From automotive manufacturers, transporters, dock handlers and retailers.

From a digital enabled end-to-end logistics perspective, Cognizant make a difference in the industry. While the industry and world alike works with alternative fuels, propulsion systems like wind and improved efficient technology, there is lots that can be done working smarter to decrease carbon footprint towards 2030 goals. We are proud of our role in helping organizations around the world reimagine, redefine and transform their businesses to create new sources of value.

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