Did you miss any of our business breakfasts?

Did you miss any of our business breakfasts?

Don't worry, there is still plenty of time for you to catch up and watch the recorded versions. Enjoy all the sharp presentations, latest insights and interesting discussions. You can also watch speaker’s notes and participant reflections after the event.

Cognizant Snapshot Breakfast is a meeting place to network and explore the opportunities for improved customer satisfaction, interaction and growth in our increasingly developed digital world. The Snapshot Breakfast format is developed for C-level positions, Business Developers and Head of Business Functions. A great opportunity to take part in an insightful, forward-thinking and challenging seminar with selected high-level speakers.

10 December 2015  Banks and Analytics: Who Will Win The Battle for The Customer in The Future of Banking?

6 November 2015  Internet of Things (IoT) and The Rise of the Smart Product Economy

9 October 2015  Retail and Mobility: How You Catch the Real-Time Customer

10 September 2015 Big Data and Finance: The Finance Department Takes The Lead

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