Cognizant’s Netcentric: 2018 Adobe Experience Cloud Partner of the Year

Cognizant’s Netcentric: 2018 Adobe Experience Cloud Partner of the Year

Netcentric, a part of Cognizant Digital Business, has been named 2018 Adobe Experience Cloud Partner of the Year in EMEA by Adobe. Netcentric was recognized for its ability in helping clients improve customer experiences by harnessing the full power of Adobe Experience Cloud.

The award acknowledges Netcentric's expertise in bridging the gap between marketing and technology, and facilitating successful execution of clients' digital transformation strategies. Overall, it’s Netcentric’s customer satisfaction ratings, growing client base and global market presence that allowed its advancement to the highest partner level possible; only 37 companies worldwide have accomplished this.

Cognizant acquired Netcentric in late 2017 and it is a member of the Cognizant Interactive global digital agency network. Cognizant's global marketing, technology, AI and analytics capabilities, combined with Netcentric's Adobe Experience Cloud expertise, enables clients to achieve superior business outcomes by personalising and delivering engaging customer experiences. 

Adobe also recently recognized Cognizant as its 2018 Delivery Quality Partner of the Year in the Americas for exceptional customer service on joint large digital transformation projects. Cognizant is a key partner in helping clients conceive, deliver and manage personal, pleasing, consistent and omni-channel experiences on Adobe Cloud Platform.

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