A Forceful Facility for Telecom and IT: Cognizant’s Delivery Center in Riga

A Forceful Facility for Telecom and IT: Cognizant’s Delivery Center in Riga

Cognizant’s new location in Riga – a one-stop-shop for strong telco and IT/technology expertise – opened in May 2018. The center, with its 300+ strong team, will support clients in transforming business, operating and technology models for the digital era.

How can an IT and technology hub help companies to succeed with digital transformation projects and pave the way for innovation? With 14 years of experience from servicing telecom companies, the center adds value through its rich domain knowledge as well as its broad technology expertise which is offered out of a geographical, GDPR and culturally aligned location.   

Kim Leandersson is Head of Cognizant’s Riga Delivery Center, a former Tele2 hub, that currently handles a variety of processes for different telecom operators: 

“We have long experience from servicing telecom companies and consequently very broad skills. From what I know, there are no other centers that can handle complete telco processes from analysis, testing and design to operating the processes.”

Broad scope of tech services
So, what exactly is it that is offered from the Riga center and its dedicated, multilingual IT and telecom specialists? The primary skills are deep knowledge in the CRM domain, in the billing and rating domain, and in order management. While the telco domain knowledge certainly is strong, the hub’s technology and process related skills, in for example CRM and integrations, are also strongly relevant to other industries. 

“We help clients fill the capability gap in two ways: direct support and skills in the front end such as developing user interfaces, or by handling the legacy stack of systems as they embark on their digital journey,” says Kim Leandersson. 

More power for innovation
What’s in it for the clients then? The overall idea is to allow more room for growth and value creation by optimization and automation of processes that are further away from the core business. It’s also a way to cut costs for customer services, a post that is high in telco. 

24/7 maintenance and support, cross-functional agile teams, the capability to manage complex, large-scale transformation projects together with multi-country implementation and integration, make the center something of a one-stop-shop for telco and IT competence.

“From Riga, we can provide robust, localized resources to better accommodate our clients’ needs as they transform their businesses for success in the digital economy,” says Kim Leandersson. “As many of the services are generic, we can provide the full range of IT services also to businesses outside telecom.”

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