Cognizant Recognized as Market Leader in IoT Services

Cognizant Recognized as Market Leader in IoT Services

Cognizant has been recognized as a market leader in Internet of Things (IoT) services by Information Services Group (ISG), a leading independent global technology research and advisory firm.

IoT has become a focus for many organizations; according to ISG, more than a trillion devices will be connected by 2020. Consequently, many IoT providers want to have their bite of the apple.

All in all, 26 IoT providers serving the U.S. market were evaluated by ISG. Cognizant is named as a leading provider in all four quadrants in which it has demonstrated capabilities – Overall IoT Services, and Healthcare, Connected Cars and Retail IoT – by the ISG Provider Lens™ Internet of Things Quadrant Report.

The ISG report states that Cognizant’s consulting, delivery and managed services have been pivotal to securing a varied client base across vertical markets. The report also highlights the role of Cognizant’s 10 digital labs around the world that are focused on innovation and helping clients with technologies dedicated to different stages of the digital journey.

View the full report here.