Cognizant Main Partner at Subsea Valley Conference

Cognizant Main Partner at Subsea Valley Conference

Cognizant will be one of three main partners at the Subsea Valley conference in Oslo, 19–22 March 2018. The conference has established itself as one of the leading energy and technology conferences in Europe, and this year around 2,500 delegates are expected to attend.

The SSV conference brings together world-class speakers and highly acknowledged industry leaders to present their views on our energy future, technology, innovation, the industry and market situation. A meeting-place is much needed; the oil and gas industry has never been more challenging. As the map is redrawn – from a “downturn” to “lower for longer” or even “lower forever” – digital will play an increasingly important role as a true differentiator.


Focus on transformation
Cognizant has helped some of the world’s leading global oil and gas companies to align their IT goals with the operational ones. The acquisition of Frontica in 2016, did further strengthen our capabilities to support the industry with knowhow, services and solutions.


During 2017, we saw a shift among clients: they went from more conservative digital initiatives to a stronger focus on major transformation projects. Among the trends and initiatives, we see that:

  • Companies are now fine-tuning their strategies to better utilize various digital technology platforms to achieve growth targets and operational milestones.


  • Especially the upstream sector is being continuously challenged to perform leaner operations and must begin utilizing the huge data volumes to drive efficiency.


  • Streamlining of existing systems and integration of new IT systems, hold the potential to reshape the upstream, midstream, and downstream operations.


As a partner and exhibitor, Cognizant will highlight some of the emerging opportunities in the energy value chain, share tangible examples, and give you new insights into available technology as well as implementation practices. Learn more and join the SSV conference here.