Cloud Adoption Improves Services and Reduces Costs for CSP Intrado

Cloud Adoption Improves Services and Reduces Costs for CSP Intrado

Intrado, a communications and technology services company, ran more than 200 legacy applications that relied on different platforms, languages and middleware. Interdependencies within these applications increased the application maintenance costs and delayed the deployment of new, secure code by up to 12 months.

Intrado builds the software that powers services such as 911 calling, videoconferencing, call center operations and messaging sold by communications service providers. When the company decided to migrate its services to the cloud to ensure scalable and stable service delivery across geographies, it reached out to Pivotal (now part of VMware) and Cognizant for help.

Intrado chose to migrate its services to a single cloud-native platform. Shortly after beginning the initiative, Intrado realized it lacked the scale to move its entire application portfolio to the Pivotal Cloud Foundation, PCF (now named VMware Tanzu Application Service). Based on Pivotal’s recommendation, Intrado turned to Cognizant to speed its worldwide application migration and to integrate PCF with multiple cloud providers so it could choose among them for the best mix of price, performance and features. 

More than 60 Pivotal specialists from Cognizant’s global Digital Engineering team worked side-by-side with the Intrado team to identify application interdependencies, assess easily migrated applications and determine additional work requirements.  

Cognizant created applications from reusable microservices, enabling Intrado to bring new products to the market quicker and more cost-effectively. The microservices architecture allows its applications to tap a common global repository of customer data that dynamically updates in the cloud. This decreases Intrado’s costs of operating its data infrastructure and eliminates the need to reconfigure back-end databases for each application enhancement, speeding time to market.

Cognizant helped Intrado cut application maintenance costs and bring new products to the market faster through adoption of PCF. We slashed the effort required for each software release from five person-years to one person-day, reducing costs by a projected $13 million a year – an almost ten times efficiency improvement. As a result of this partnership, the time required to deploy a change to a virtual machine reduced from about eight hours to on-demand.

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