Are You Also Competing on Code?

Are You Also Competing on Code?

Every person, place and thing now has a virtual self as well as a physical one. Cognizant extracts insight from large volumes of complex data sets to help clients enhance how they engage with customers, employees and partners.

Companies are faced with challenges to retain customer loyalty larger than ever before. As organizations strive to expand their customer base through multiple digital touch-points, they end up interacting with their customers through various channels such as websites, mobile apps, social media and wearables. To remain competitive, organizations need to adopt a holistic approach to track the omnichannel customer journey and enable the growth of the businesses.

Imagine if you had a tool where you could easily visualize the customer journey. A tool that provides integrated information management, data acquisition, advanced analytics and visualization platform. Cognizant SightPrism helps you in getting all of this.

Cognizant SightPrism is an advanced analytics platform that pulls in data from every customer touchpoint and provides a visually revealing and insightful representation of the customer journey. It helps you in those big decisions you have to take regardless of what different needs you may have.

The 3 main benefits with SightPrism are client insight, operational efficiency and revenue generation. Do you want to know more?


Sign up for Computerworld's breakfast seminar on December 8 and meet Anoop Sharma, Leader Analytics & Information Management Nordics at Cognizant who will present - Customer journey analytics made easy.

Download SightPrism: Getting deep insight in your customer’s journey.

SightPrism is tightly integrated with Cognizant BigDecisions Business Solutions Platform and leverages various features of the platform. Visit BigDecisions Business Solutions Platform portal for more information