Acupuncture for businesses? Yes!

Acupuncture for businesses? Yes!

The discipline of acupuncture goes back 5000 years and is based on the belief that a set of accurately placed pinpoint treatments can impact the entire body. Similarly, we believe organizations can relieve operational stress that builds up at critical process connections by identifying and isolating processes (or sub-processes) that are materially connected to other important activities and applying precise doses of digital change.

By using digital technologies to “heal” process bottlenecks, lubricate friction points, optimize manual inputs or hand-offs, and relieve systemic pressure points in information flow, businesses across industries can unlock substantial value, maximize healthier business outcomes and improve the experience for all participants — customers, suppliers, partners and employees — across the value chain.

We call this “digital process acupuncture.” How could a precision twist on digitization bring value to an entire value chain? How could this be best leveraged for your industry?

It's a new focus on digital business process.

Our study of 321 European and North American executives helps us understand how banks, PC&L insurance companies, healthcare payers and retailers are grappling with business process digitization today.

Read the study Digital Process Acupuncture: How Small Changes Can Heal Business, and Spark Big Results.