A Smart Path for Your Successful Digital Journey

A Smart Path for Your Successful Digital Journey

Cognizant’s Constantly Ready Infrastructure Framework: A Smart Path for Your Successful Digital Journey

Today’s digital technologies are changing how business gets done—and IT organizations are being called on to lead and power that transformation. It takes more than tools: you need a holistic approach and a supporting ecosystem that creates a safe, smart path for your company to follow on its digital journey. With Cognizant’s Constantly Ready Infrastructure (CRI) Framework, you’ll have the proven approaches, platforms and solutions required for an always-on infrastructure that enables efficient operations while it powers exciting innovation.

A Holistic Approach to Infrastructure that Accelerates Business

Wherever you are in your digital journey, Cognizant’s CRI Framework will help you navigate today’s dynamic market conditions with agility.

Our CRI Framework encompasses these five pillars:

Platform: We have developed a set of tightly integrated delivery platforms that combine best-in-class tools, standardized processes and methodologies, IP (intellectual property) and frameworks to drive end-to-end automation and service delivery. The following platforms are part of our CRI Framework:

  • Build and Orchestrate Platformcovering the complete lifecycle of infrastructure design and build.
  • Operations and Intelligence Platformaddressing the complete lifecycle of run operations.
  • Governance & Transact Platformfor service integration, governance and service consumption.

Reference architecture: Our pre-configured and tested solution catalogs and plug-and-play models for solution development ensure quicker time to market with no surprises.

Partner ecosystem:Cognizant has built a robust partner ecosystem, enabling us to act as service integrator and deliver comprehensive, end-to-end solutions based on the most innovative yet proven technology available. We have tightly integrated our delivery platforms with our partners’ pre-configured and well tested plug-and-play solutions and services to ensure we deliver seamless solutions and optimal experiences to you and your customers.

Delivery model: We ensure service delivery is business-centric and aligned with objectives, focusing on business availability, business performance and BLAs vs. traditional IT-centric SLAs. Our delivery model encompasses:

  • Service integration: Our next-gen service management framework is focused on business outcomes and improving service integration capabilities to provide a unified view of operations to the business.
  • Delivery excellence: Our sophisticated analytics driven predictive delivery, innovation and continuous improvement.
  • User-centric delivery: We deliver personalized services aligned to role-specific user requirements.
  • Next-gen skills: Our teams are highly skilled in the critical competencies most required today, including scripting and automation, DevOps, application containers, Infra as code , etc.

Maturity model: We provide a comprehensive metrics framework that provides a 360-degree view of IT performance and its success in delivering business outcomes, including agility, customer experience, intelligent operations, business value enablement and more.

Transform Safely with Cognizant’s Constantly Ready Infrastructure Framework

Cognizant’s Constantly Ready Infrastructure Framework enables your organization to follow a smart, safe and successful path while it shifts to digital. We partner with you throughout this digital journey, co-innovating with you and investing in your success.

Learn more about Cognizant’s holistic approach to enabling your organization’s digital transformation. Visit us at our booth during the IDC DataCenter Evolution, Stockholm on 23rdNovember, 2016.

Speed is of the essence, but reliability and best practice leverage are equally important in delivery. Click here to learn more about Cognizant Infrastructure Services.

Alberto Valero is AVP & Nordics Market leader at Cognizant Infrastructure Services (CIS) business unit. He is responsible for growth for CIS in Nordics.