A New Digital Offering? Learn the Decisions and Business Models Behind It.

A New Digital Offering? Learn the Decisions and Business Models Behind It.

On the 19th of April, it’s time for our seminar Cognizant Snapshot: From What to How. Welcome to an intriguing breakfast session where Volvo Cars, Electrolux, tech startup SarvAI, and Zone, one of UK’s leading digital agencies, share their inside stories.  

Our ambition with the seminar is to explore how to succeed with a new digital offering by getting different views from a variety of organizations with tangible experience of digital transformation, and by getting the experts’ advice. This time we’ve gathered a very strong lineup: 

  • Stefan Berg, VP Connected Consumer Solutions, Electrolux. About a large company’s change journey from domestic appliance sales to offering a modern home with tailor-made interactions.
  • Martin Ölund, Manager, Care by Volvo. About its world unique offer, where consumers subscribe to cars instead of owning them; as hassle free and transparent as having a mobile phone subscription.
  • Maria Lindström, Co-founder at SarvAI. Serial entrepreneur with an eye for digital business, now with a tech startup that wants to make computer vision and machine learning available outside the large enterprise.
  • Matthew Chokshi, Creative Director at Zone. With multi-disciplinary teams, blending lean strategy, agile methods and design thinking, Zone accelerates clients’ (adidas, Unilever, Maersk etc.) abilities to design innovative, customer-first products, services and communications at speed.


Catch up on earlier event

The previous session of Cognizant Snapshot focused on creating compelling customer experiences, and included insights from Martin Nilsson, Head of E2E Customer Experience at Telia, Martin Kedbäck, Chief Product Owner at Swedbank, and Predrag Petrovic, Associate Prof. in Cognitive Neuro Science at Karolinska Institutet.

The conclusion? While switching from product to customer focus isn’t a mission accomplished overnight, anchoring the customer centricity at management level and seeking the root causes of a customer’s reaction, can take you a long way. By also infusing new insights into how our brain processes information on a system level, and how it relates to customer behavior, you are more likely to succeed in developing products and services that exceed customer expectations. If you want to know more, there’s a summary of the seminar.

Reserve your seat onsite, or join via live stream on 19thApril 2018, 8.00–10.00 am, CET >​