A House Called Automation - Quality Projects Through Collaboration

A House Called Automation - Quality Projects Through Collaboration

A few years back, we began to offer robotics development in Finland and chose UiPath as our partner. UiPath is one of the leading software companies and their focus is to build the world’s best RPA software. Due to the tremendous possibilities RPA offers, it is often referred to as the fourth industrial revolution: when automation takes care of repetitive routines, employees can focus on complex entities.

UiPath provides Cognizant software robotics and a hyperautomation platform, which has been used to build automations to serve clients. The collaboration with UiPath has been on-going for several years.

– UiPath was a rising and innovative player in the market at the time, and they were able to support us in building a comprehensive automation service. In addition, they had experience in the financial sector, where we began our automation journey, explains Cognizant’s Product Manager Simo Karvinen. 

Since the beginning, the cooperation has gone well and has been characterized by mutual trust and a desire to help common end clients in their automation projects. UiPath highlights Cognizant’s strong expertise. 

– It is a pleasure to work with a highly competent and ambitious organization. Cognizant's expertise in digitization projects helps to take planned projects from the needs assessment to the desired end, says UiPath’s Regional Partner Manager Carl Gruner.

Valued expertise and seamless cooperation

Software robotics is the cornerstone of hyperautomation and a very important part of automation projects. Hyperautomation has also other components such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, analytics and process mining. 

– Combining all this requires industry-specific expertise in order to successfully complete projects. Whether it is easing the day-to-day workload of employees or a major digital transformation project, Cognizant has the necessary technology and know-how, Gruner says. 

"Creating automation is like building a house, UiPath delivers floors and walls, we create the rest".

At Cognizant, it is highly valued to have an innovative and reliable partner as UiPath. 

– What makes the collaboration special, is that UiPath is very approachable and they are able to look at things from the perspective of an end user. Creating automation is like building a house, UiPath builds the elements, such as floors and walls, we create the rest. All with seamless cooperation, describes Karvinen.