7 Key Elements to Build a New Architecture for Work

7 Key Elements to Build a New Architecture for Work

Designing a digital organization requires new building blocks. During Cognizant Connect in Oslo, Euan Davis from Center for the Future of Work, EMEA Cognizant, suggested seven essential elements that companies should keep in mind when building an organization for the future.

Many businesses are now trying to figure out the pieces of work. As industry sectors are melting and reforming in startlingly creative ways, blending talents, disciplines, and technologies in a supercharged wave of innovation, how people work together is clearly changing.

How can an established company build a new architecture to survive the future of work? These are the elements that Cognizant expert Euan Davis believes will be the most important building blocks:

  1. Power & Decision rights. How do we reset the dynamics of power and decision-making to unleash digital experimentation?
  2. Sourcing & Re-skilling. How do we incubate and nurture clusters of cross-functional talent around a specific customer segment or opportunity?
  3. Location & Workplace. What does the new workplace look like? How do we orchestrate people and machine tasks to enhance productivity and innovation?
  4. Data & Analytics. How do we use data and analytics to drive decisions around talent and performance?
  5. Policies, Processes & Systems. How do we align our policies, processes, and systems to support our digitization efforts?
  6. Leadership. How do we get our leaders to not just support but actively drive the realization of our digital vision?
  7. Culture. How do we get our employees to start thinking, feeling, and behaving in ways that make digital a reality?

Think of people first and design the organization accordingly; design to make them want to come together to communicate and to work. This is becoming the new battleground for attracting talent and increase productivity – just look at how the big software companies are designing their spaces.

Watch the full session here.