5 Ways Technology Will Challenge Conventions

5 Ways Technology Will Challenge Conventions

Ulrika Mann

Ulrika Mann,

A watch that once told the time and date can now monitor your heart rate and warn you if timely care is needed. A car that once transported you from A to B is now highly connected and semi-autonomous, with the ability to self-diagnose when issues arise. And with augmented technology, each of our own five senses can soon be significantly heightened. 

Data in the digital era is the key element that can unlock great promise to significantly enhance our personal and professional lives. In Cognizant’s “Technology Vision” we explore in five themes the relationship between this valuable commodity and the technological advances and evolving business models that are changing the way we live, work, and collaborate:

  1. The blur. As the lines between products and services blur, companies must increasingly focus on product andservice support. Data security will be crucial to protect your customer, or the end consumer, in order to provide the best customer experience.
  2. Know me, forget me. Personalization has evolved from building crude cohorts of people, to developing highly individualized and targeted models. The models and data are powerful and provide positive business results, but the people whose data they collect have a vested interest in privacy.
  3. Excellence at the edge. Data alone holds no value. Data becomes valuable when it is harmonized in real time, and made meaningful through analytics that reveal inner truth. Today, edge computing and distributed analytics can provide real-time analysis at or near the point where the data is collected.
  4. Automation at work. The future of automation is no longer man vs. machine, but man andHuman and robot collaboration is already upon us as humans work with robots and software agents of different shapes, sizes, and computational composition.
  5. Augmented humanity. As the next phase of transformative technology advances, wearable and implanted devices will unlock human potential by tapping into our mood, heart rate and thoughts.

The white paper 5 Ways Technology Will Challenge Conventionsis intended to provide food for thought to business and technology leaders seeking a path forward.