4 Case Studies from Life Sciences Industry

4 Case Studies from Life Sciences Industry

New technologies are rapidly creating numerous opportunities for life sciences companies to improve productivity, enhance patient care and ensure regulatory compliance. Cognizant has been involved in many interesting projects across the globe, and this is a brief introduction to four of them.

Whether it’s driving process improvements to clinical operations, increasing sales effectiveness or enhancing drug safety, Cognizant has experience from supporting top pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies. Please visit our offerings site if you'd like to learn more about our experience from digital transformation of Life Sciences.

  • Pharma Client Consolidates Customer Data
    A large pharmaceutical company with over 6,000 employees wanted to simplify the customer management information that was distributed in multiple systems across its sales and marketing organization. Cognizant designed, developed and implemented a system that consolidated all the information to a single point data source for other sales and marketing systems, including the CRM system.

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  • IT Delivery Support for a Global Pharmaceutical Research Group
    With major R&D sites in Sweden, the U.K. and the U.S., a global pharmaceutical client turned to Cognizant to provide IT delivery support for its research scientist community. Cognizant delivered a combination of onsite and remote infrastructure management (RIM) support, increasing coverage and driving higher levels of user satisfaction.
  • Pharma Company Integrates Data Tracking Methods
    To comply with The Physician Payment Sunshine Act, a large pharmaceutical client faced the difficult task of integrating disparate data tracking methods used to capture physician payments. The client needed Cognizant’s support to re-engineer the client’s processes, as payment information was not being captured to the level of detail required for reporting purposes. Cognizant leveraged the Pega BPM suite to implement core compliance capabilities. The new system standardized business processes, integrated disparate systems and captured details needed for transparency of reporting.
  • Proactive Pharmacovigilance for a Major Biopharmaceutical Company
    A major biopharmaceutical company’s global safety organization wanted to close its cases within one business day, regardless of the time or locale of origination. This would have required expensive new call centers, case processors and medical reviewers around the globe. Rather than setting up new facilities and hiring people, the firm turned to Cognizant for an outcome-based service delivery model. Today cases are processed around the clock, around the world, with virtual teams of globally based experts and operational teams sharing data.

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