10 Key Takeaways for the Future of Insurance

10 Key Takeaways for the Future of Insurance

Ulrika Mann

Ulrika Mann,

What are the main characteristics of the future of Insurance? Here, we’ve gathered the key takeaways and trends as presented in various blog posts about the insurance sector.

  1. Put customers in control of their own data. Help them get the most out of it – and constantly communicate with your customers.
  2. Create a digital ethics board and put digital ethics at the center of all your future business and digital innovations.
  3. Make all technology-driven decisions easy to understand and follow for your customers.
  4. Never underestimate the power of digitally enabled human contact.
  5. AI and advanced data analytics will drive a more predictable insurance market. Turn your data into a strategic asset.
  6. Use the power of networked data to create real customer value.
  7. Customers are more curious than ever but also more worried. Be extremely aware of the ethics in data usage.
  8. Create an ecosystem of innovative services around the customer. 
  9. Transit towards a more proactive customer relationship, rather than the remaining a reactive “utility player”.  
  10. The Covid-19 crisis could be the push needed for insurers to pull the plug on wide scale digital rollouts. Prepare for a post-Covid world.
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