White Paper: Blockchain for Power Utilities


Can blockchain be an option for power utilities that want to streamline operations, decrease costs and deliver on the promise of the distributed smart grid? This white paper helps you evaluate blockchain-based technologies and provides guidance on a framework approach to move forward.  Blockchain is already proving its ability to provide secure transactions by applying […]

Blockchain’s potential in Retail and Consumer Goods


Retailers increasingly recognize blockchain’s transformative ability to streamline operations, ensure product authenticity and enable tighter supply chain collaboration. However, most are still working to fully understand how to harness its potential inside their four walls and beyond. A first step is for retailers to educate themselves on the nature of blockchain technology and its value […]

How Insurers Can Get Ready for Blockchain


Despite concerns and questions, insurers believe blockchain will impact their organization and the industry itself. On the way forward, there are serveral key considerations insurers need to make. Here, we suggest some nesseccary steps to ensure success.  Blockchain success requires the active involvement and support of senior business leaders. Therefore, insurers should focus initially on […]

Developing an Effective Blockchain Strategy in Financial Services


Financial services firms need to develop a cohesive blockchain strategy, rather than taking on projects in a piecemeal fashion.  Waiting for clarity before moving forward is not a viable option. Follow our advice to get going.  The following considerations can help financial services move forward on the best path toward a blockchain strategy: Develop a cross-functional team […]

Unfurling the Blockchain Blueprint

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Organizations worldwide see blockchain as a significant force for their business and industry, and are well on their way to developing a strategy, with an eye on reducing operating costs, automating key business processes and enhancing trust and transparency, our latest study reveals. Our recent global study of 3,000-plus senior executives found that a vast majority […]

Blockchain in Europe: Key Insights from New Study


Business leaders in Europe are fully aware of the potential introduced by blockchain, according to Cognizant’s recent study where 1,570 business decision makers were surveyed. To fully harness blockchain possibilities, however, they need to break through old mental models of company boundaries and markets, and grasp how blockchain could truly change the game by shifting […]