Unfurling the Blockchain Blueprint

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Organizations worldwide see blockchain as a significant force for their business and industry, and are well on their way to developing a strategy, with an eye on reducing operating costs, automating key business processes and enhancing trust and transparency, our latest study reveals. Our recent global study of 3,000-plus senior executives found that a vast majority […]

Blockchain in Europe: Key Insights from New Study


Business leaders in Europe are fully aware of the potential introduced by blockchain, according to Cognizant’s recent study where 1,570 business decision makers were surveyed. To fully harness blockchain possibilities, however, they need to break through old mental models of company boundaries and markets, and grasp how blockchain could truly change the game by shifting […]

Blockchain In Manufacturing: 4 Questions to Evaluate Readiness


Blockchain has already disrupted business processes in the financial sector, and is poised to impact companies across industries. Because the technology can provide an immutable digital record of contractual interactions and transactions across an ecosystem, we believe that manufacturing is likely next in line. As manufacturers move toward a shared and distributed model, business leaders can consider four […]

What Insurance Professionals Say about Blockchain


Blockchain is poised to rewrite the rules of competition in the insurance industry by streamlining operations, enabling data to be shared seamlessly with external stakeholders, and disrupting traditional business models and intermediaries. Here, we’ve gathered key findings from the report Blockchain in Insurance: Risk Not, Reap Not, a report based on a global survey with […]

Blockchain: A Potential Game-Changer for Life Insurance


In a world in search of more open, trusted and secure IT systems, all eyes are on blockchain. Through its distributed ledger, smart contracts and non-repudiation capabilities it acts as a shared infrastructure that can transform multiple processes across the insurance value chain. Here’s how. Blockchain was highlighted in the 2016 World Economic Forum’s report […]

How Financial Firms can Excel in Digital while Assuring Compliance


As financial institutions pivot to digital, they require a business-process-centric assurance strategy that connects technology and regulatory compliance — while delivering desired operational benefits. Financial services firms need to address the many nuances of emerging technologies such as blockchain and advanced artificial intelligence (AI). Digital has opened the door to new financial services products, customer […]