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Welcome to Cognizant Snapshot Breakfast; a meeting place to network and explore opportunities for growth.

Explore the opportunities for improved customer satisfaction, interaction and growth in our increasingly developed digital world.

On a regular basis, we organize really impactful breakfast meetings. We call them “Snapshot Breakfasts” to emphasize the combination of quality and time efficiency. Designed especially for you as a decision maker focused on a prioritized calendar. Number of seats is very limited so register as soon as possible.

Are you in a C-level position, a Business Developer, Head of a Business Function, then this will be an opportunity for you to take part in an insightful, forward-thinking and challenging seminar with selected high-level speakers.

Why you should attend:

  • The latest Thought Leadership will be presented and enable you to explore opportunities for growth
  • Executive networking
  • Interact with experienced speakers and Cognizant internationally recognized experts on site
  • Time efficient and high quality delivery of future trends and facts

Please contact Ingrid Finnson if you have any queries on +46 763459689 or

Theme: Digital Experience

The coming Snapshot Breakfasts will go under the theme Digital Experience, which will be explored from different angles. All breakfasts are livestreamed online and presented in English.

We have it all on video

If you missed any of the previous Snapshot events or find any of the topics interesting, click on the links below to watch the recordings.

Breakfasts in 2017

24 January: Smarter Analytics: Efficiency and Profitability through Big Data
23 February: Artificial Intelligence – the key to new digital ecosystems
27 April: How can GDPR Generate New Business Opportunities?
22 June: Fast Money vs Slow Money
4 September: Human-Driven Innovation in Tech

Previous Breakfasts in 2016

18 March: Who runs the Digitalization? And how?
13 April: Automation as a Driver for Skills and Agility
20 May: True Customer Experience through Next Generation Shared Services
15 June: Snapshot Talks – From Doing Digital to Being Digital (evening event)
20 October: The digital customer experience – in an automated world
9 December: Automation in the Age of Personalization

Previous Breakfasts in 2015

10 September: Big Data and Finance: The Finance Department Takes The Lead
9 October: Retail and Mobility: How You Catch the Real-Time Customer
6 November: Internet of Things (IoT) and The Rise of the Smart Product Economy
10 December: Banks and Analytics: Who Will Win The Battle for The Customer in The Future of Banking?

See all past events here.