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Cognizant Snapshot - Human-Driven Innovation in Tech, 12.30-14.00
#HUMANTech Mingle, 17.30-20.00

Date: 04 September, 2017 Time: 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm Location: Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre or online via livestream

Future of Tech… Human-Driven Innovation in Tech

Register now to learn how in-depth human insights, can make innovative companies – start-ups as well as mature companies – customer-centric for real!

When psychologists, anthropologists, designers and technologists come together the magic happens.  Innovations are created which match what people truly want – and often without realizing this themselves.

We have gathered the most innovative companies in the intersection between humans and tech for this extraordinary lunch session in the middle of Sthlm Tech Fest*.

  • How do corporations go beyond what people say, to understand what they truly think?
  • How did some of the best-known brands reinvent themselves by truly understanding their customers.
  • How did fear of flying and a ten-year-old passenger help a leading airline company turn their client-satisfaction around?
  •  …and how do companies apply this to design their future customer journeys, and apply technologies to satisfy those?


Lunch is available

13.00 – 13.50
Introduction to how human insights and understanding are increasingly important to be successful as technology is becoming the DNA of business from ReD Associates, Mirabeau, Cognizant, ideation360 and ABB.

People before technology
– understanding people, understanding data
Andreas Wester Hansen, Partner, ReD Associates

Why do customers make specific choices? How can we advance our understanding of people and the things that matter to them to thereby find better ways to meet them as customers? Anthropologists, social scientists, and the focus on people’s daily whereabouts, can add new insights based on what is called “thick data” – important facts beyond the digital track image. This information can then provide significant leverage to a smarter use of Big data. When you combine social scientists with statisticians, the customer perception and the way towards delivering increased customer value becomes much clearer.

Andreas offers exciting insights into everything from social science to how corporate executives suddenly realize which KPIs that need to be used for a new offer to match the true market demands.

Smarter services through human insight
Edgard Beckand, Director of Strategy, Mirabeau

With multidisciplinary teams, Mirabeau infuses insights in human behavior into new customer solutions. Mirabeau forms smarter solutions with focus on innovative integration and design that meets the end-consumers’ behavior, solutions that also include client-centric branding at its best.

But what are the challenges and pitfalls when including human insights in innovative, new solutions? What are the lessons learnt from several client projects? Listen to Adjan’s experiences and a real case story; from behavioral insight to a smart solution up’n running.

From insight to MVP
– a research driven approach to defining products and services that meet customer needs
David Womack, Head of Insight, Strategy, and Design (ISD), Cognizant Digital Business, Europe

How can a research driven approach ensure that a product is viable as well as desirable? While successful products and services begin with new insights, they also need to be sustainable businesses designed to evolve and scale to succeed in the market.

David talks about The Collaboratory, a creative space where you work shoulder to shoulder with designers, strategists, technologists and data scientists to blueprint, prototype, and build better digital experiences for the future.

The Future of Work – Balance Exploration & Execution
Sofie Lindblom, CEO, ideation360 (former Innovation Manager, Spotify) 

At the fast pace the world is changing today, innovation is something that all organizations need to work actively with. In parallel with running core business with structured plans, deadlines and budgets, one needs to work on exploring new ideas that correspond to what tomorrow core business will be. It requires another way of working, leading and measuring success over what we are used to. Successful organizations find a formula for working with innovation in parallel with the daily work, every day.

With her background as Global Innovation Manager at Spotify and now CEO of ideation 360, Sofie explains how to dare to seek the unknown and dare to try to capture the new, innovative solutions while continuing to drive core business forward.

SynerLeap – where entrepreneurs and ABB can collaborate
Gaetana Sapienza, Head of Operations of SynerLeap, ABB

SynerLeap powered by ABB is an innovation growth hub located in the heart of the ABB Corporate Research Center in Västerås Sweden. The purpose is to create an ecosystem where ABB can utilize and enable small technology companies to grow and expand on a global market in three areas: industrial automation, robotics and energy. The vision is to reach shorter innovation cycles, decreased time to market and together strengthen the competitiveness. This is made possible by sharing the same innovation environment.

Listen to Gaetana Sapienza, Head of Operation at SynerLeap, and her experience about how startups and scale-ups, together with large corporations like ABB can create new innovation values.

13.50 – 14.10
Panel discussion with the sharpest takeaways

14.10 —
Welcome to continue the conversation with our heavy weight experts

17.30 – 20.00

#HUMANTech Mingle

If you want to innovate, it’s critical to look beyond yourself and try to understand other people. Join a dynamic dialogue about the human/tech intersection and discuss unexpected perspectives on how to become more innovative with artist Ernst Billgren, CEO and former Spotify Innovation Manager Sofie Lindblom, and Paul Roehrig, one of the authors of the best-selling business book What To Do When Machines Do Everything. (The mingle will not be live streamed)

*The buzz around Tech will skyrocket in Stockholm and Waterfront September 4th. Cognizant’s Snapshot Lunch is a stand-alone opportunity to take part of the buzz. If you are  registered to Sthlm Tech Fest please register and remember to stop by during the lunch break. Should you want to participate in Sthlm Tech Fest the registration is separate via their organizers.

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Gaetana Sapienza, Head of Operations of SynerLeap, ABB

Gaetana Sapienza

Head of Operations of SynerLeap


Gaetana Sapienza is the Head of Operations of SynerLeap powered by ABB, an innovation growth hub located at ABB Corporate Research Center, Sweden. She joined ABB in 2006, and since then she has been working in different R&D positions and international projects.

Gaetana holds a Ph.D. degree in hardware/software design methodology for embedded systems applications from Mälardalen University, Sweden (2016) and received a M.Sc. degree in Computer Science Engineering from Catania University, Italy (2007).

David Womack, Head of Insight, Strategy, and Design, Cognizant Digital Business, Europe

David Womack

Head of Insight, Strategy, and Design

Cognizant Digital Business, Europe

Sofie Lindblom, CEO and Co-founder, ideation360

Sofie Lindblom

CEO and Co-founder


Sofie Lindblom is an Innovation Expert and Diversity Champion. She has a M.Sc in Engineering and Media Technology from Linköping University, Sweden. Sofie is the CEO and co-founder of the global innovation platform ideation360. Previous to this role she was the Global Manager for Innovation at Spotify. Sofie has a big passion for the startup ecosystem, which has led her to board positions in Womengineer, Silicon Vikings and most recently Business Sweden. In 2014 she received Microsoft’s award “IT girl of the year” for her work to inspire more girls to choose a profession in technology. In the same year she founded her first company Sofster. 2015 she gave two TEDx Talks: “IT girls are the new it girls” and “All those who wander are not lost”. 2016 she was on Swedish business magazine Veckans affärer’s list of super talents, awarded one of the top 111 most influential women in Business and “Digital Influencer of the year”. 2017 TCO listed Sofie as number four on the list of Sweden’s top 99 most influential people and Inspiring Fifty named her one of the top 50 most inspiring women in Technology in Europe.

Edgard Beckand, Director of Strategy, Mirabeau

Edgard Beckand

Director of Strategy


Edgard is responsible for leading digital transformation on the intersection of UX and technology. He also drives the innovation practice focused on exploring the possibilities of emerging technologies. Prior to this position Edgard worked in business development and strategy positions at digital agencies Fullsix group and Sapient Nitro in France and the U.S. Edgard holds a M.Sc. degree in communication sciences at the Radboud University (Netherlands)

Andreas Wester Hansen, Partner, ReD Associates

Andreas Wester Hansen


ReD Associates

Andreas Wester Hansen is an expert in corporate strategy and strategic transformations. He focuses on combining the human centered approaches to strategy development applied at ReD Associates with the tools and approaches used in traditional management consulting companies. Before joining ReD Associates, Andreas worked at The Boston Consulting Group, at top-tier Scandinavian management consultancy Qvartz, for the Danish Ministry of Finance and as a journalist. Andreas holds an MBA from London Business School, an MA in Cultural Studies from Goldsmith’s College at University of London, an MsC and a BsC in Political Science from University of Copenhagen and a BA in International Relations from University of Cape Town.

Ernst Billgren, Artist

Ernst Billgren


Paul Roehrig, Chief Strategy Officer, Cognizant Digital Business

Paul Roehrig

Chief Strategy Officer

Cognizant Digital Business

Kaisu Christie, Moderator, Cognizant

Kaisu Christie



Kaisu is an influential technology business executive with over 20 years’ experience working globally in variety of industries from start-ups to multinational organizations in Consulting and IT Services, Finance and Insurance, Travel and Tourism, Retail, Telecommunications, Consultancy, Energy/Utilities with Oil & Gas, Government and Universities. In her roles she has led diverse, multi-vendor and multi-cultural teams to deliver transformational change programs.

Kaisu is s a thought leader in technology enabled digital business models, innovation and leadership. Her specialty is delivering transformational change via innovative business and delivery models, focusing on human centered approaches supported by technology.
Kaisu is passionate about building diverse and successful companies by developing people, and making positive change in her community.

Kaisu’s current role as Digital Partner at Cognizant, a global technology and business strategy, consulting and services provider, enables her to work with the leaders in top companies in Nordics to help  them imagine and build their digital business.

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