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Events in 2017

4 September 2017: Cognizant Snapshot Breakfast: Human-Driven Innovation in Tech

22 June 2017: Cognizant Snapshot Breakfast: Fast Money vs Slow Money

27 April 2017: Cognizant Snapshot Breakfast: How can GDPR Generate New Business Opportunities?

23 February 2017: Cognizant Snapshot Breakfast: Artificial Intelligence – the key to new digital ecosystems

24 January 2017: Cognizant Snapshot Breakfast: Smarter Analytics – Efficiency and Profitability through Big Data

Events in 2016

9 December 2016: Cognizant Snapshot Breakfast – Automation in the Age of Personalization

20 October 2016: Cognizant Snapshot Breakfast – The digital customer experience – in an automated world

15 June 2016: Cognizant Snapshot Talks – From Doing Digital to Being Digital 

20 May 2016: Cognizant Snapshot Breakfast – True Customer Experience through Next Generation Shared Services

13 April 2016: Cognizant Snapshot Breakfast – Automation as a Driver for Skills and Agility

18 March 2016 Cognizant Snapshot Breakfast – Who Runs the Digitalization, and How?

9 March 2016 Di Retail

10 February 2016 Di Insurance

Events in 2015

10 December 2015  Cognizant Snapshot Breakfast – Banks and Analytics: Who Will Win The Battle for The Customer in The Future of Banking?

6 November 2015  Cognizant Snapshot Breakfast – Internet of Things and The Rise of the Smart Product Economy

9 October 2015  Cognizant Snapshot Brakfast – Retail and Mobility: How You Catch the Real-Time Customer

10 September 2015 Cognizant Snapshot Breakfast – Big Data and Finance: The Finance Department Takes The Lead