Why You Must Understand Customers’ Money Triggers

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How do people relate to money? To find out, ReD Associates spent several days with 32 different families across the US and the UK. The key findings – that people really feel uncomfortable with money, and especially with the relationship between their everyday activities and the bigger future picture, the slow money, is an exciting […]

How 3 Insurance Companies Benefit from Digitization


Insurance companies face tremendous pressure to reduce costs and invest more on strategic initiatives to increase revenue. Digitization is key for remaining on the frontline – learn how others have met the challenges through disruptive technologies. Case 1. Global insurer uses detailed analytics to boost customer renewal rates A major global insurer wanted to improve […]

4 Steps to Utilize Cognitive Computing in Insurance

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Cognitive computing is emerging from the shadows and rapidly impacting our professional and personal lives. Some insurance companies are already exploring the utility of chatbots and smart advisors to provide the right suggestions to their customers. Learn how to get started. Banking, financial services and insurance companies deal with an enormous amount of transactional data, […]

What Insurance Professionals Say about Blockchain


Blockchain is poised to rewrite the rules of competition in the insurance industry by streamlining operations, enabling data to be shared seamlessly with external stakeholders, and disrupting traditional business models and intermediaries. Here, we’ve gathered key findings from the report Blockchain in Insurance: Risk Not, Reap Not, a report based on a global survey with […]

8 Strategic Imperatives Insurance Companies should Consider


The insurance industry is at crossroads. On basis of the report Insurance at the Intersection, we’ve compiled eight strategic imperatives insurers need to consider in response to the challenging and rapidly changing business environment. Insurers must move from “doing” digital to “being” digital. Most insurers’ approaches to going digital have amounted to a digital veneer […]

Gamification for Insurers: A Practitioner’s Perspective

Gamification has already helped insurers improve customer engagement and employee collaboration. Today, using a well-designed prioritization model and best practices, carriers can apply gamification to boost the performance of sales, marketing, and the brand. Like most emerging technology trends, gamification was introduced with a lot of hype, and was until recently a favorite topic of […]