Why You Must Understand Customers’ Money Triggers

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How do people relate to money? To find out, ReD Associates spent several days with 32 different families across the US and the UK. The key findings – that people really feel uncomfortable with money, and especially with the relationship between their everyday activities and the bigger future picture, the slow money, is an exciting […]

How Companies Can Capitalize on the Emotions of Money

Join our Future of Money webinar on 30th of Nov to learn from some exciting ongoing projects where the human aspect blend with AI and automation to create new customer experiences.  The process of paying bills and accessing short-term money has become nearly frictionless. More complex financial matters, such as managing pensions and investments, still leave many consumers feeling anxious […]

4 Steps to Utilize Cognitive Computing in Insurance

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Cognitive computing is emerging from the shadows and rapidly impacting our professional and personal lives. Some insurance companies are already exploring the utility of chatbots and smart advisors to provide the right suggestions to their customers. Learn how to get started. Banking, financial services and insurance companies deal with an enormous amount of transactional data, […]

How Financial Firms can Excel in Digital while Assuring Compliance


As financial institutions pivot to digital, they require a business-process-centric assurance strategy that connects technology and regulatory compliance — while delivering desired operational benefits. Financial services firms need to address the many nuances of emerging technologies such as blockchain and advanced artificial intelligence (AI). Digital has opened the door to new financial services products, customer […]

How Digital 2.0 Is Driving Banking’s Next Wave of Change

By holistically harnessing the rich capabilities of AI, blockchain, IoT, RPA and open banking, financial institutions can build a more resilient, customer-focused bank that incorporates the virtues of nonbanking rivals. Learn more in Cognizant’s new report on the future of banking. In the last few years, a wave of digital technologies – social, mobile, analytics […]

Here are the critical factors of successful BaaS


Traditionally, banks have owned end-to-end service delivery by tightly integrating experience, processes and products. However, this approach is under attack from all sides. Consumer-centric, born-digital fintech firms are competing directly for customers by providing superior user experiences, enabled by accessing application services and data across financial services providers. Traditional banks are forced to rethink their […]