Unfurling the Blockchain Blueprint

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Organizations worldwide see blockchain as a significant force for their business and industry, and are well on their way to developing a strategy, with an eye on reducing operating costs, automating key business processes and enhancing trust and transparency, our latest study reveals. Our recent global study of 3,000-plus senior executives found that a vast majority […]

How AI Can Improve Customer Experiences

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Cognizant is helping a major consumer finance company that provides personal and auto loans by applying AI to their customer interactions. The technology evaluates complaints with a goal of improving the customer help desk experience.

How Storebrand Created a Modern Actuary Framework

Norwegian Storebrand’s framework to support its actuaries involves a new software solution together with a specialized Cognizant team in Vilnius. Here, IT skills merge with business knowledge and the team now constitutes the engine that generates data, develops models, and allows Storebrand’s actuaries to focus on qualified tasks like analysis and business improvements instead. So […]

Bots and Insurance: Making Sense of the Benefits

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When it comes to adopting the latest technology, the insurance industry is widely regarded as a laggard. Until recently, few insurer-developed social, cloud or mobile-first apps even existed. Now, bots are wining ground; customer-facing applications are popular because that’s where both revenue and customer experience stem from. The advent of robotic process automation (RPA or “bots”) […]

Blockchain In Manufacturing: 4 Questions to Evaluate Readiness


Blockchain has already disrupted business processes in the financial sector, and is poised to impact companies across industries. Because the technology can provide an immutable digital record of contractual interactions and transactions across an ecosystem, we believe that manufacturing is likely next in line. As manufacturers move toward a shared and distributed model, business leaders can consider four […]

3 Recommendations for Future Insurance Organizations


Why should insurers study human behavior? Because understanding human behavior, and acting upon it, will be a true differentiator in the future, and will enable insurance’s next-generation services.