“We should all wear Batman suits”


The power of our believes of who we are is strongly linked to how we perform, according to Predrag Petrovic, Associate Prof. in Cognitive Neuro Science at Karolinska Institutet. At Cognizant Snapshot Breakfast he shared insights from his research on how the brain processes information on a system level and how it relates to behavior. […]

Snapshot: How to Create the Ultimate Customer Experience

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What do singer Adele, cryptocurrency Bitcoin, and Spotify have in common? These immensely successful cultural and business phenomena were officially launched less than ten years ago. How is this linked to customer experiences? In today’s super-charged world, we need to change how we develop compelling, viable customer solutions and services. The 16th Cognizant Snapshot was […]

7 Key Elements to Build a New Architecture for Work


Designing a digital organization requires new building blocks. During Cognizant Connect in Oslo, Euan Davis from Center for the Future of Work, EMEA Cognizant, suggested seven essential elements that companies should keep in mind when building an organization for the future. Many businesses are now trying to figure out the pieces of work. As industry […]

Being digital means being more human


What happens when algorithms and analytics are blended with the human abilities? Can technology actually augment the work we perform? What will work even look like in ten years’ time, when about 35% of current jobs in the UK are at risk of computerization? This, and many other things, were discussed during Cognizant Connect in […]