Automated testing bots: A requirement for high-quality intelligent devices

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As consumers increasingly rely on intelligent devices – home security systems, connected cars, fitness bands, patient monitoring systems and more – businesses must ensure the robustness of their digital solutions, both on a standalone basis as well as how these solutions interact with other devices, apps and systems. Traditional testing methods aren’t up to these […]

How to turn user comments into quality improvements

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“I don’t like the new interface!”, “Why isn’t there a button for …”, “Doesn’t work on android!” – user comments can be a killer but also indicates where there’s room for software improvements. Just monitoring feedback isn’t enough though; you need to turn it into meaningful and actionable insights. The number of feedback channels have […]

Rethink Quality – the game has changed


The new Forrester research, commissioned by Cognizant, reveals the importance of software quality and speed for digital transformation, as well as how businesses can achieve this goal. Here’s what you need to know. In the fast-moving digital age, winning companies are under increased pressure to deliver a highly valuable experience to customers, both digitally and […]

Quality baked-in: How Digital Marketers and IT teams need to re-think Quality


Are your Digital Marketing teams grappling with the growing need to manage complex technology stack? Are your IT and Operations teams constantly struggling to fast track their releases cycles and accelerate their business readiness? Most importantly, while you take on these challenges, how do you ensure you wow your customers with that one great digital […]

Better quality faster to the market


Enterprises around the globe are ruing the lack of a scientific approach to automatically optimize test cases. With more than 40% of effort being spent on manual test design, reducing cost of quality without compromising on the test coverage is the number one priority for enterprises. Cognizant’s ADPART has helped organizations around the globe benefit […]

App launches accelerated thanks to 10,000 parallel testers


About 600 new apps are launched daily. Each month, the number of downloads increases by 1.5 billion in Google Play, Androids apps e-shop. During 2003, in the App Store alone, customers spent more than USD 10 billion. Yet studies report that 3 of 4 applications are used just once. The app market has enormous potential, […]