White Paper: 7 Steps to Develop Software that Delivers Customer Value

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Application development organizations are at a crossroads; traditional waterfall-style development processes are too costly and slow to keep pace with the fast-moving digital economy. Delivering software features and functionality quickly enough to meet market demands, requires shifting to a DevOps model. Software changes must also be delivered continuously, with new features delivered as minimum viable […]

Power Business Outcomes with Cognizant’s Constantly Ready Infrastructure Framework


Digital technologies are changing the way business is done today. From DevOps to “everything as a service,” technology is woven into strategies, business models, customer experiences and more. As the lines blur between business and technology, IT organizations have the opportunity to lead the way in powering business transformation. Success will require integrating technology, devices, […]

A Smart Path for Your Successful Digital Journey


Cognizant’s Constantly Ready Infrastructure Framework: A Smart Path for Your Successful Digital Journey Today’s digital technologies are changing how business gets done—and IT organizations are being called on to lead and power that transformation. It takes more than tools: you need a holistic approach and a supporting ecosystem that creates a safe, smart path for […]