Automated testing bots: A requirement for high-quality intelligent devices

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As consumers increasingly rely on intelligent devices – home security systems, connected cars, fitness bands, patient monitoring systems and more – businesses must ensure the robustness of their digital solutions, both on a standalone basis as well as how these solutions interact with other devices, apps and systems. Traditional testing methods aren’t up to these […]

Automation: The Way to Modernize Your IT Core


Just as no automaker would run without robotic systems on its factory floor, or no drug company would fill bottles by hand, automation will be increasingly common in core IT operations to enable the business to compete effectively. Many IT functions, from resetting passwords to resource provisioning, involve repeatable steps that can be codified into […]

How bots and millennials are changing our businesses

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The world of bots is in its infancy and yet it’s already exploding. Bots are bringing nuanced intelligence to applications by replicating their human counterparts and millennials who are very eager to test drive them. A growing community of developers are joining Microsoft, Facebook and Kik to help fuel the “chatbotworkforce of the future.” Since Kik opened their bot platform in […]

Fast and Massive Adoption of AI and Machine Learning

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I look back at another very exiting Snapshot Breakfast – Automation in the Age of Personalization. The participation of so many key leaders from Swedish business and institutions as well as the high quality of our speakers from Tele2, Schenker Logistics and Chalmers University, packed in such a fast-paced and high-quality event make this time […]

Key Takeaways from ”Automation in the Age of Personalization”

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Key takeways video with speakers and guests Automation is a hot topic that resulted in a fully booked business breakfast at Cognizant’s office on Friday, December 9th. Automation can be applied and bring instant value across a range of areas, which speakers from Schenker Logistics, Tele2, Chalmer’s University of Technology and Cognizant presented good examples of during the […]

Intelligent Automation: Where We Stand and Where We’re Going

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What does the future of intelligent automation look like? Organizations today are already investing much time and effort into what we call systems that “do”. But this is the starting point for what we see as the evolution towards systems that “think” and systems that “learn”: Systems that “Do”: Allow non-programmers to automate rules-based, multi-application activities. Usage […]