Storebrand’s Efficient Asset Liability Modelling Framework

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Norwegian Storebrand’s framework to support its actuaries involves a new software solution together with a specialized Cognizant team in Vilnius. Here, IT skills merge with business knowledge and the team now constitutes the engine that generates data, develops models, and allows Storebrand’s actuaries to focus on qualified tasks like analysis and business improvements instead. So […]

Automated testing bots: A requirement for high-quality intelligent devices

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As consumers increasingly rely on intelligent devices – home security systems, connected cars, fitness bands, patient monitoring systems and more – businesses must ensure the robustness of their digital solutions, both on a standalone basis as well as how these solutions interact with other devices, apps and systems. Traditional testing methods aren’t up to these […]

Automation: The Way to Modernize Your IT Core


Just as no automaker would run without robotic systems on its factory floor, or no drug company would fill bottles by hand, automation will be increasingly common in core IT operations to enable the business to compete effectively. Many IT functions, from resetting passwords to resource provisioning, involve repeatable steps that can be codified into […]

A framework for maximizing the strategic value of IT investments

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An inflexible, sluggish, inefficient infrastructure poses a bigger competitive threat than any ingenious start-up or disruptive market force. In Cognizant’s report The Future of IT Infrastructure, we outline a new framework to help CIOs move toward the new way to work for IT. To find out how leaders re-tool for the digital age, we interviewed […]

How BaaS will keep banks digitally relevant


To contend with insurgent competitors, regulatory mandates and demanding consumer requirements, banks must embrace open APIs. Why? Open APIs enable them to plug-and-play in the digital business ecosystem and reinforce their value proposition amid escalating share-of-wallet challenges. Although banks have traditionally been considered pioneers of process automation, they now find themselves in the background of […]

Klarna: Customer Focus Beyond GDPR Compliance


It’s no longer about meeting privacy laws, but about meeting customer expectations, according to Caroline Olstedt Carlström, Vice President Privacy at Klarna. Thanks to a cross-functional team and a globally anchored approach, Klarna now ensures both security and new business opportunities, adapted to a future where privacy matters and a more distinct customer relationship will […]