How New Technologies Reshape the Customer Experience

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How does the emerging technologies influence customer experience? By embedding AI and IoT into their enterprise applications, consumer-facing organizations can cultivate lasting and profitable customer relationships with hyper-personalized offers and services that deliver on the promise of digital. Today’s enterprise systems generate enormous volumes of data that can be fed into AI, machine learning (MI), […]

The IoT Value Chain: What to Include to Succeed


According to Gartner, more than $440 billion will be spent on Internet of Things initiatives by 2020. Yet networking company Cisco recently found that only 26% of organizations so far have completed an IoT initiative they consider a success. What is preventing companies from getting IoT right? Much of the challenge derives from focusing on implementing technologies without a comprehensive, holistic plan. […]

Have you plugged into the smart product economy?


If you want to be part of the smart product economy, you need to take a completely new approach to product development; every single node in your value chain needs to be re-thought. We call this “informed manufacturing”. It begins with a human-centered approach to product and experience design, widely known as design thinking, and includes […]

IoT analytics? Start with this self-assessment.


To increase the odds that IoT analytics will succeed, it’s a good idea for manufacturers to start with a self-assessment using the following steps: Understand product usage scenarios in consumer/industrial applications. Analyze product portfolio and establish value of instrumenting products. Identify key stakeholders and their needs, to orient analytics toward addressing business challenges. Identify the […]

From Strategy to Action: Driving IoT to Industrial Scale

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IoT has the potential to drive efficiency gains in the orders of magnitude. It can reduce waste, predictively maintain, and enable ongoing understanding of customer needs. To realize these values, we need to go beyond technology- or application focused pilots. Instead, focus on the business problems or opportunities. This requires cross-functional co-operation and external domain expertise. Here are […]

Are you a hero or a memory?

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[portfolio_slideshow] Summary 30 january, 2014 Denmark [youtube id=”eUmqap6hiEE” /] “There is a thin line between being a hero and being a memory”, Optimus Prime, Transformers character by Hasbro. With this quote Malcolm Frank from Cognizant framed the big challenge for businesses – Do you want to lead your company to the front of the line or do […]