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“It’s not what’s in your head that matters, but rather what’s in your pocket.”

Cognizant’s Kevin Benedict had just completed his presentation about Enterprise Mobility in Kista, Sweden in front of more than 100 decision makers within the telecommunication industry when The Cognizant caught up with him to conduct an interview. Let’s start by asking why so many heavyweights are interested in this subject. “Because it’s absolutely vital. And […]


Better quality faster to the market

Enterprises around the globe are ruing the lack of a scientific approach to automatically optimize test cases. With more than 40% of effort being spent on manual test design, reducing cost of quality without compromising on the test coverage is the number one priority for enterprises. Cognizant’s ADPART has helped organizations around the globe benefit […]

After the Connected Car: the Connected City!

Since a few months back, the city Milton Keynes north of London has become noticeably smarter. Rubbish bins are already telling when or if they need to be emptied and in the medium term, all kinds of items will start communicating – everything from mousetraps and soap dispensers in public toilets to meters for water, […]