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Making the Shift to Intelligent Software Services

Legacy applications are a stark contrast to what will drive the next, and more powerful, wave of digital transformation: Intelligent software services that can think, learn, adapt and autonomously take action on data faster than any human could. These software services will enable new business models, especially when combined with ever-greater capabilities in areas such […]


Blockchain In Manufacturing: 4 Questions to Evaluate Readiness

Blockchain has already disrupted business processes in the financial sector, and is poised to impact companies across industries. Because the technology can provide an immutable digital record of contractual interactions and transactions across an ecosystem, we believe that manufacturing is likely next in line. As manufacturers move toward a shared and distributed model, business leaders can consider four […]


7 Key Elements to Build a New Architecture for Work

Designing a digital organization requires new building blocks. During Cognizant Connect in Oslo, Euan Davis from Center for the Future of Work, EMEA Cognizant, suggested seven essential elements that companies should keep in mind when building an organization for the future. Many businesses are now trying to figure out the pieces of work. As industry […]


The IoT Value Chain: What to Include to Succeed

According to Gartner, more than $440 billion will be spent on Internet of Things initiatives by 2020. Yet networking company Cisco recently found that only 26% of organizations so far have completed an IoT initiative they consider a success. What is preventing companies from getting IoT right? Much of the challenge derives from focusing on implementing technologies without a comprehensive, holistic plan. […]