Nike: The most innovative company in the world

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Nike was named the No 1 most innovative company of 2013 by business magazine Fast Company. Pretty remarkable for a sports equipment manufacturer. The man behind the transformation is a Swede, Stefan Olander Vice President Digital Sports, Nike.

Stefan is head of Nike’s three-year-old Digital Sport Division where he has been responsible for the development of several of Nike’s digital breakout hit products. The most notable perhaps, is FuelBand, an electronic bracelet that measures your movements throughout the day, whether you play tennis, jog, or just walk to work.

The device has won raves for its elegant design and a clean interface that offers users a simple way of tracking if they’ve achieved their daily goal. You can check how many calories you’ve burned, the number of steps you’ve taken, and your total NikeFuel points, a proprietary “currency” that you can share online. FuelBand is the clearest sign that Nike has transformed itself into a digital customer experience.

The other innovation is the Flyknit Racer, featherlight shoes that feel more like a sock atop a sole. The result is a shoe that is more environmentally friendly and could reduce long-term production costs.

Between them, Nike and users have created a completely new customer experience. With the aid of technology innovations like the Fuelband, Nike+, the Nike user-community that has around 18 million members, has created a whole new way of inspiring and motivating people to focus on their health.

96%* of Swedish decision makers say they would like to contribute to developing products they use themselves